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Searching for the one ring
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Hard rain by gilad Hard rain :icongilad:gilad 1,660 440
Unknown Photos of 2005
DeviantART is one of the most popular online art sites. As dA grows each day, more and more new members register, which means more and more art is being submitted each day; with about 17,700,000 deviations to date. One of the most popular submission categories is photography. Within the Art Photography category, there are 12 subcategories, those containing even more subcategories. With all of these groups there are many photos that fall in between the cracks at this massive place we call DevianART. A selected party of 11 deviants and I have come together to show you photos that have gone fairly unnoticed from this passing year. These 11 categories range from Architecture to Fetish and show superb unknown works of 2005.
Abstract / Surreal
Selections by orangebutt

:iconssecret:ssecret 5 253
Desert Wind Rising by ekster Desert Wind Rising :iconekster:ekster 144 127 Faraway Tales by ekster Faraway Tales :iconekster:ekster 110 75
Yellow Alien Weekly Transmission Issue #8
Yellow Alien Weekly Transmission Issue #8
Presented by Community Development
Welcome to the latest issue of Yellow Alien Weekly Transmission. This is where I, the Yellow Alien, as Director of Community Development, discuss the various issues taking place here on deviantART.
Community Development
Community Development is the largest department in deviantART.  We are charged with being on the front-lines of the battles that take place daily.  It is our duty to communicate with the community and listen to the feedback received.  The Community Help Desk Team, Policy Violation Team, News Team and Message Network @dministration all comprise this huge department and are here to help assist the masses in any way that we can.  
:iconjark:jark 11 218
BT's: This Binary Universe
:iconspyed:spyed 76 146
Weekly picks from the DU: Volume 4
by yuppy64

Snobish PinUp by SlaveToTheDark
Digital Painting

for whom we kill by p3ncilpusher

the road to yaladnam by voytela

little boat by aStormcrow

Youth by ariesZG
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Apple iPod - New Models + iTunes 7
Well, where to begin. Today is the launch of a new series of things from Apple Computers. First off, iTunes 7 is released, featuring a new GUI, features, and some other nifty things you'll probably like.
As well as that, firmware updates are available on most (if not all iPods), AND, a new announcement from Apple:
The iPod Nano now comes in 5 different colours! (Black/Silver/Pink/Blue/Green). Also, not to mention the changes in look, they also offer up to 8GB in storage compacity. They look a bit different than the original, so be sure to check it out:
Next on the list, the iPod Shuffle, no more is the gum-stick design, it's now roughly the size of a dollar coin, and comes with an included USB dock, and is made out of an aluminum casing. Also will be (in the future, so the rumour is) coming in larger format sizes. Shipping in october is the new iPod Shuffle:
Next on the list, the iPod now plays full length movies. Not sur
:iconelusive:elusive 61 92
Death of A Legend
Most of us are familiar with the landmark sculptures and monuments that scatter the United States, depicting the US Marines raising the American flag on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima, on Feb. 23, 1945. However, did you know it was actually an award-winning photograph?
Joe Rosenthal, the photographer behind the historical photo, has passed away earlier this week.
You can read more about it here
:iconjarofjuice:jarofjuice 52 28
Pinhole Photography
It is a bittersweet feeling to be talking about this because this is how I first started the world of photography 4 years ago this past August. I arrived at photo class in my sophomore year in high school and the first lesson was pinhole cameras. To my surprise I could make my own camera and develop the prints in the darkroom with out even using a real camera, but one made out of an oatmeal container.
Basic Parts and Functions of a Pinhole Camera
1. Body- light tight bow which holds the light-sensitive photo paper
2. Lens (pinhole)- focuses rays of light from the subject to produce an image onto the photo paper
3. Aperture- the size of the lens opening
---->small- less light enters (long exposure time & sharper image)
---->large- more light enters (shorter exposure time & fuzzy image)
4. Shutter- device that controls when the light enters the lens
5. Focal length- the distance between the lens and the focal plane
---->longer- telescope effect (subject appears larger in
:iconwrighton363:wrighton363 89 87
Weekly picks from the DU: Volume 3
:icondeviant-underground:Deviant-Underground 20 16
Walk on by by MyPrivateParty Walk on by :iconmyprivateparty:MyPrivateParty 3,275 1,105
Weekly picks from the DU: Volume 2
Thanks to brennennn for helping me with the correct thumbnail code!

The Heartbreaker by gusgusgustus

i love you this way.3. by locodancer
Digital Art

Crepuscule by BlueSand-Tiger
Traditional Art

bogart by aleferrero

Make life interesting by thewiseninja
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The Beauty of Color
There are many talented photographers here on dA and this article is a look into those who've used and experimented with color with brilliant products.This first section focuses on photography with the color orange. by Supers0nic by Samaranna by xander-panter by Who-Is-Chill by krene by poprage by gilad
:iconstabbedbycupid:stabbedbycupid 12 20
Weekly picks from the DU: Volume 1
Traditional Art

Life's Manual by vooooooog
Digital Art

Kaje by temtaker
Photograhic Art

Grungry Ride by shinsenfreak
Traditional Art

particle 1 by inkasi
Literary Art

sea lens by fewlines
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:icondeviant-underground:Deviant-Underground 15 24
Take 30 Photos Per Second
The Boise, Idaho-based chipmaker has come up with an 8-megapixel silicon imager for compact cameras that will allow cameras to shoot 10 8-megapixel pictures a second or 30 2-megapixel shots a second. If camera makers adopt the chip, consumers will be able to capture those '60s-style photo montages made famous in "A Hard Day's Night.
The chip will also be capable of capturing video in the 720p format, which is the entry-level version of high definition.
Many current compact and even single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras do not provide this capability. Most cameras can take two to four shots a second at maximum resolution or 10 shots at lower resolution. Most also capture video at the 480-by-640 pixel resolution.
Over the past two years, however, digital cameras have been undergoing a quiet internal revolution. Traditionally, camera makers produced their own chips. The expense and time involved in developing these chips, however, has prompted them to turn to outfits like Texas Instruments, Nu
:icondjtalyn:DJTalyn 24 22


Faraway Tales by ekster Faraway Tales :iconekster:ekster 110 75


Closer to 21, and deviantART still thinks I'm 19.…
Do you think this could be a good place to choose books from? I'm not feeling like reading anything specific but really want to get reading again, last night I read the first chapter of HP :o
There was a hedgehog on my lawn the other day and it was in the sun but then it moved into the shadow so I couldn't take any extreme closeups like I wanted, a deranged little hedgehog's snout would have been nice.

Also felt like mentioning that I'm one pageview away from 25,000, first time I've cared even a little about pageviews since 2006 or so, that's four freaking years.
  • Listening to: Jeff Buckley
  • Reading: Nothing really (suggestions?)


Andrew Davies
New Zealand


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